Born in Aubagne on February 1895, son of Joseph Pagnol and Augustine Lansot, Marcel Pagnol had a classical and republican education, tinged with anticlericalism. As the son of a schoolmaster, from a very early age he developed a passion for classics and created at the age of 19 the literary magazine "FORTUNIO", in which were released critical reviews on drama plays and lyrical works as well as a serial novel called "PIROUETTES"...

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Les Lettres de mon moulin ("Letters From My Windmill"): L'elixir du père Gaucher ("The Elixir of Father Gaucher")
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Les Lettres de mon moulin (

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Marcel is the heart of this microcosm, which is actually very large for its significance. Let us make no mistake. French cinema exists thanks to the people who still work independently, who are not subject to trusts.

Jean Renoir
Film director


Flammarion publishes "Marcel Pagnol, l'album d'une vie"October 2011

Le 12 Octobre 2011, paraitra chez Flammarion "Marcel Pagnol, l'album d'une vie" par Nicolas Pagnol. Ce livre de 220 pages présente la vie et l'oeuvre de Marcel Pagnol au travers de plus de 400 documents pour la plupart iné... [ la suite ]


Prize Marcel Pagnol 2011May 2011

 La sélection 2011 comprend 5 titres: - Arthur et moi - d'Emmanuel Arnaud (Métailié) Vous êtes en vacances dans une tour de béton pourrie en Espagne. C'est la Toussaint. Vos parents hésitent entre une s... [ la suite ]


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Le Château de ma mère ("My Mother's Castle")Le Château de ma mère (

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