Le Château de ma Mère (My Mother's Castle). Unreleased audio recording by Marcel Pagnol

January 2008

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Frémeaux & Associés – La Librairie Sonore, in partnership with France Inter and in agreement with Éditions La Treille and Marcel Pagnol's successors, published for the first time the unreleased recording of the second part of "Souvenirs d'enfance" ("Memories of Childhood"): "Le Château de ma mère" ("My Mother's Castle").

4 CD box and picture booklet.

Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to enjoy the sound of his beautiful voice and southern phrasing. He did not have enough time to tell me about his hills, his friends, our family. He left before I was old enough to understand men's language.

This is why my relation to his "Souvenirs d'enfance" ("Memories of Childhood"), and particularly to "Le Château de ma Mère" ("My Mother's Castle") and its deeply moving end, is a special one.

By the age of 10, I read all his works, out of curiosity on the one hand and for family commitment purposes on the other hand. When I discovered the hills, his friendship with Lili and his concerns at that time, I was astounded to recognize every aspect of myself and therefore thought I was the worthy grandson of the great Marcel.

But, at that time I did not actually understand what such "memories" stood for. I only deemed them interesting in terms of traps, king's trick and freedom of living in the open air like the hero of a novel by Jack London.

Only later did I understand that the described situations and characters were real and that these books made up an absolute family odyssey.   

Furthermore, I realized that his talent and humanism enabled all the children in the world to recognize themselves in Marcel's childhood. I no longer was his "worthy grandson" but I was becoming aware of who he was through this fabulous account.

From that moment on, I would devour all his works so that I could know him better and my bedside books were "Pirouettes", "La petite fille aux yeux sombres" ("The Little Girl with the Dark Eyes") or "Confidences" ("Secrets Revealed") and "La cinématurgie de Paris" ("Filmmaking in Paris") which compose the sequel of his "Souvenirs d'enfance ("Memories of Childhood") and describe his transition to adulthood and his success in drama and cinema.

Today, thanks to these recordings, Marcel recounts in his warm voice the most beautiful time of his life and, for a moment, you will be with him.

As far as I am concerned, I can not grow tired of listening to him for his memories contain dreams of children, disillusions of adults and the tenderness of a grandfather.

Nicolas Pagnol