Love affairs

"There are no crumbs of love.
Only masses of it." Marcel Pagnol

Marcel Pagnol married Simonne Colin in Marseille in 1916, in church, to Joseph's great displeasure. The couple split up in 1926 but official divorce was only pronounced during German occupation of France.

Marcel Pagnol met Orane Demazis (link to official website) in 1923 when he arrived in Paris. She was 19 and already playing in a drama play by Emile Augier. She created Fanny's part for him and appeared in many of Marcel Pagnol's films. In 1933, their son Jean-Pierre was born.

In 1930, Marcel Pagnol met Kitty Murphy, a pretty young English woman who had come to Paris with a dancing company.
In 1930, Jacques Pagnol was born. He assisted his father after the war and later joined France 3 Marseille TV channel as a cameraman.

Yvonne Pouperon was his temporary collaborator in the rue Fortuny offices. She was very humorous and spontaneous.
Marcel Pagnol could not resist her. His daughter Francine was born in June 1936.

Josette Day had already worked with Julien Duvivier, Abel Gance, Christian Jacques and Maurice Tourneur when she met Marcel Pagnol in January 1939. Their love affair lasted for some time during the war, when they had taken refuge in Marseille and later in La Gaude.

Although he had first met her in August 1938, Jacqueline Bouvier only started to be actually part of Marcel Pagnol's life as of 1944. Then, they retreated in the Sarthe region until the allied landings. They never parted, and she remained her "grain of poetry and tenderness" until he passed away in 1974.

Frédéric was born in 1946, and then was Estelle in 1951. The lovely little girl suddenly died in 1954 of an acetonemia attack. Marcel and Jacqueline's heartbreak was infinite; they never managed to get over it.