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"I was born in the town of Aubagne, beneath the Garlaban..." Marcel Pagnol

Joseph, the father, had been appointed as a schoolmaster in Aubagne in 1889, as soon as he graduated from Ecole Normale (teachers' training college).

Augustine, his wife, had gone to her sister-in-law's in La Ciotat to give birth but, as first pains started to arise, she decided to come back and have her baby at home, close to her husband.

On that Thursday, day off for school children at that time, Joseph was very surprised to see his wife come home, and immediately went seek the midwife. The latter announced that the childbirth would occur by the end of the day and came back in the afternoon. And, indeed, Joseph became a happy father around five in the afternoon.

The Pagnols left Aubagne in 1897. The future member of the Académie was born in the bedroom located behind the right window on the upper floor.

About ten years later, in the same room was born the painter and earthenware designer Théo Sicard, younger brother of actor, journalist and writer Georges Sicard.

The house, which was not very long ago still occupied by a dentist and his family, might, at the town council instigation, soon become a memorial site dedicated to little Marcel.