La Bastide Neuve

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"The house was called the Bastide Neuve, but it had been new for a very long time..." Marcel Pagnol

As early as 1904 summer holidays, when Marcel was aged 9 and a half years, began the "Bastide Neuve" experience for the whole Pagnol family.

On the day before every holiday and vacation, and even every week-end, the unforgettable trip to the hills was prepared. They would travel on tramway to La Barasse, then walk down the Provence small path, which was later driven away towards another age through a broad and sad access road.
And they would go all the way down the Chemin des Bellons, along which little Paul used to hunt lizards, and would eventually reach the Bastide, near the Vallon de Passe-temps.

Today, the house belongs to individuals, except for the adjoining building along the path, which used to serve as a barn for goats. The city of Marseille affixed a brass on its wall in 1976, the frontage was renovated and the inside home refurbished. The fig tree survived and the copper tap connected to the water tank still exists, as do the mosquito screens on the upper windows.
Deep down the lane, the "famous toilets" are gone.
They have been swept away by a storm in 1981 !