Critique des critiques ("Critique on Critics")

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First Edition

Paris, Nagel, 1949.


Marcel Pagnol dedicated this text to his friend: Roger-Ferdinand, in memory of their common struggles against ignorance, inequity, snobbery and jealousy. The writer expresses a caustic grievance against critics: he reproaches them for being jealous of other people's success.

He flays critics-authors who feel the need to give their opinion as to the works of their fellowmen, and authors-critics whose plays have never been played on stage or only sometimes in small theatres with limited success, which embitters them, all ready to take revenge on drama, using their talent as a detractor.

He also claims that they do not like drama, either on stage or on screen. Finally, Pagnol thinks that critics sitting in their chair, on a dress rehearsal evening, are there to write their own work and not to appraise another's...
The outcome sometimes proves appalling:
"A number of authors seem to have been led astray through denigration of their best qualities and unanimous praise of their mistakes."