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Inédits ("Unreleased")

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First Edition

Monte-Carlo Pastorelly, 1986.


"This book could be entitled "Pagnol Out of the Ordinary". Indeed, a new side of the writer's personality is revealed: his universal curiosity, extending to all scientific areas. The wonderful storyteller in "L'EAU DES COLLINES" ("THE WATER OF THE HILLS"), the enthusiast historian in "LE MASQUE DE FER" ("THE IRON MASK") is also a rigorous mathematician who tackles the most difficult problems such as integers, the inventor of steam machines or mechanical processes such as those for which he took out a patent, a physicist and biologist wondering about medicine processes and disease recovery (indeed, he wrote: If I had not been a writer, I would have liked to be a physician...). In every field he brings a new and powerful vision, a view point, that constantly hold one's attention."


Posthumous release of various texts written between 40's and 60's and compiled by his son Frédéric: thoughts, self-questioning as Pagnol was infinitely curious about all things that make life. Thoughts, almost philosophical or full of humor, texts and sketches on his mechanical and mathematical research, especially related to Fermat's Last Theorem and integers.

They pride themselves on being wizards, very well. But let not them think they are gods. Their fear of leading Earth to explode is nothing but confessing ridiculous conceit and proves that a great physicist may be pretentious at the same time. It is an absolute certainty that man never invented anything. He fairly intelligently discovered, that is understood and explained (and used), a very minimal part of the powers of nature. Yet, every time he finds something, he believes he has invented something. And people will say: "What action will come out of such new power?" But, my dear friend, it is only new to us. Everything happens on our planet, and our new H bomb is probably nothing but a human reproduction of the volcanic phenomena which, a hundred times more powerful, have not blown up the globe yet. Certainly, I admire those bipeds who, thanks to an opposable thumb and three pounds of gray matter, managed to build a controlled portable volcano. But you need to make a huge leap from the level of men to reach the level of creation, and you are a huge idiot if you do not realize how immeasurably high it is.