Le Temps de Amours ("The Time of Love")

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("Souvenirs d'enfance", IV) ("Memories of Childhood", IV). Julliard, 1977. Postface by Bernard de Fallois.

First Edition

Posthumous work.
Paris, Julliard, 1976.


Posthumous work comprising the end of "Souvenirs d'Enfance" ("Childhood Memories"), which already are adolescence memories, and the beginning of the "Pestiférés" ("The Plague-Stricken"), a great unfinished epic story recalling the flight of some inhabitants from Marseille to take refuge in the Garlaban hills during the Great Plague in 1720.

When I recall the long string of characters I have played in my life, I wonder who I am. I was, with my mother, a devoted and obedient little boy, yet dauntless, and weak; with Clémentine, I had always been a constantly stunned spectator, though endowed with a remarkable (by remarkable I mean remarkable compared to hers) physical strength; with Isabelle, I had run on all fours, and then had run off in disillusionment...Finally, at school I was a manager, a shrewd leader, and the one thing I desired was to not let my relatives enter the kingdom I had just discovered, where I feared that they might not have their place.