Le moulin de la Colle-sur-Loup

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"The mill has never been that beautiful ! ..." Marcel Pagnol

"My fair Tino, our project "La Belle Meunière" is ready. We are only waiting for you now. The mill has never been that beautiful and I enjoy working on site. I have found an extraordinary brook: the stream spurts out of the rock through a small waterfall full of rainbows...".

Marcel sent this telegram to Tino Rossi by mid-June 1947. As of beginning of July, the whole team and actors gathered at the Abbey inn, close to the mill, to start shooting.

One year later, almost to the day, Pagnol started shooting the film again, initially shot in black and white, using a new French color process called "Rouxcolor", created by engineers Armand and Lucien Roux. This was the "first color film shot in France by French people, using a French method" and, unfortunately, the last one...

However, the "New York Times" declared: "We saw the most beautiful takes ever shown on a screen"!