Les collines

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"Since early childhood, I have always liked the scented desert that stretches between Allauch and Aubagne..." Marcel Pagnol

"And I too, in Arcadia, did I look after goats with Menalcas and did I look for the lost he-goat..." (Virgil's Book of Bucolics translated by Marcel Pagnol).

"...As soon as I had enough money, I bought... some pieces of non-fit for growing but very poetic land... Later, I shot three films in those hills, "JOFROI", "ANGELE", "REGAIN" ("HARVEST")... I would like... in memory of my childhood and to honor the memory of my brother Paul Pagnol, who died at the age of thirty four and was the last goatherd in Allauch hills, to build there more than a dead village, a living city."

(Letter to the mayor of Allauch – 1942)

"I would visit him very frequently... I would look for him, sometimes guided by the remote sound of his mouth organ; often by the smell of the he-goat at spring time; always by my brotherly tenderness, more reliable than a water divining pendulum."

(Preface to the Book of Bucolics – excerpts).

To visit the places where little Marcel used to wander with Lili, and where Marcel Pagnol, as a filmmaker, shot most of his films, you need, from Aubagne, to head for Les Camoins, La Treille and Allauch. A number of hiking paths allow you to reach the Vallon de Passe-temps, La Baume Sourne, Les Barres de Saint-Esprit and above all the Garlaban, overlooking the whole region.