Written according to circumstances or as various articles subsequently compiled, you will find in this section a selection of texts by Marcel Pagnol classified as "essays".
This chapter also includes the welcoming speech at the Académie Française, a number of prefaces produced by Marcel Pagnol for other authors, his own prefaces gathered under the title "Confidences" ("Secrets Revealed"), the famous "CINEMATURGIE DE PARIS" ("FILMMAKING IN PARIS") released as multiple separate publications and later revised by Pagnol for his Oeuvres Complètes ("Collected Works"), "INEDITS" ("UNRELEASED") introduced by his son Frédéric as well as a few articles.

Cantini, essay. Marseille, Imprimerie Perrin, n.d. (1946).

Notes sur le rire ("Notes on Laughter"), essay. Nagel, 1947.

Discours de réception à l'Académie Française ("Welcoming speech at the Académie Française"), Fasquelle, 1947.

Critique des critiques ("Critique on Critics"), essay. Nagel, 1947.

Rapport sur les prix de vertu ("Report on Virtue Prizes"), essay. Imprimerie Firmin-Didot, 1956.

Ambrogiani, essay. Presses artistiques, 1961.

Confidences ("Secret Revealed"), essay and prefaces. Julliard, 1981.

Inédits ("Unreleased"), texts selected and introduced by Frédéric Pagnol. Vertige du Nord/Carrère, 1986.

Cinematurgie de Paris ("Filmmaking in Paris"), first version in Les Cahiers du film, from December 1933 to November 1934. Various excerpts released again in Opéra (1946), Anthologie du Cinéma ("Anthology on Cinema"), by Marcel Lapierre (1946), L'Art du Cinéma, by Pierre Lherminier, (1960). Text rewritten by the author in his Oeuvres Complètes ("Collected Works"), volume III, Éd. de Provence, 1967. Excerpts in Cahier du cinéma, December 1965.

Le dramatruge ("The Playwright"), Livre d'or du cinéma français, 1945.

Mon ami René Clair ("My Friend René Clair"), Cinémonde, April 23rd, 1946.

L'Adieu à Raimu ("A Farewell to Raimu"), L'Écran français, October 3rd, 1951.

Souvenirs sur Raimu ("Memories on Raimu"), Le Figaro Littéraire, September 7th, 1963.