"It had nothing in common with working in the studios in Paris. Before we started shooting Angèle, we spent some time living in the hills. We first had to fit out the farm. That was not like editing. And we also had to build roads as it was a very remote place. The technical fields were not as specifically defined as they are today.
We would do a little bit of everything, you see. With Pagnol, there was no script. His brother was assistant director and production manager at the same time.
I was acting as continuity girl and, on set, I would say: "Action! Cut!"
Suzanne de Troye.

"...Pagnol would create the scene beforehand. He would create the atmosphere. He would give confidence to each one of us. Therefore, once everything had been set out, he could leave the set and through sound he could perfectly know whether everything was working according to his desire. That was the first natural film, the first truthful film."
Jean Lecocq (Sound engineer).


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Producer: Les Films Marcel Pagnol.
Script, dialogues and direction: Marcel Pagnol, after the novel by Jean Giono "Un de Beaumugnes".
Production manager: René Pagnol.
Visuals: Willy Faktorovitch.
Sound: Jean Lecocq.
Set: Marius Brouquier.
Location: Les Camoins area.
Editing: Suzanne de Troye and André Robert.
Music: Vincent Scotto.
First public screening: Marseille, September 1934.
Running time: 2h13.


Orane Demazis - Angèle
Henri Poupon - Clarius, son père
Annie Toinon - Philomène, sa mère
Fernandel - Saturnin
Andrex - Louis
Edouard Delmont - Amédée
Jean Servais - Albin
Charles Blavette - Tonin


Angèle, the daughter of a wealthy farmer, is charmed by a good-for-nothing who takes her to town where he forces her to prostitute herself. A simple-minded farmhand with a heart of gold manages to take her back home with her child, but her father repudiates her...