Arlette et l'Amour

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Producer: S.N.E.G. (Gaumont).
Production manager: Alexis Plumet.
Script: Félix Gandera, after his own play "Atout Cœur!".
Contribution to dialogues: Marcel Pagnol.
Direction: Robert Vernay.
Supervision: Marcel Pagnol.
Assistants: Maurice Barry and Max. Le Chevallier.
Visuals: Victor Arménise.
Set: Robert Giordani assisted by Gilbert Garcin.
Line producer: Jo Martinetti, Georges Bare.
Studios: Gaumont (Marseille), (shoot: April-June 1943).
Location: Antibes, Aix-en-Provence.
Sound: Marcel Royné.
Music: Roger Désormière.
Editing: Jean Feyte and Pierre Caillet.
First public screening: Paris (Madeleine and Lord Byron), September 1943.
Running time: 1h44.


André Luguet - Comte Raoul de Tremblay Latour
Josette Day - Arlette Milloix
Andrée de Chauveron - Sa mère
André Alerme - Le baron Gingleux
René Lefèvre - Le notaire
Henri Poupon - Breteuil
Alexandre Fabry - L'aubergiste


A real count and a false one fight over the hand of a wealthy heiress...