Direct au coeur ("Straight From The Heart")

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Producer: Europa Film.
Production Manager: Raymond Boulay.
Script: after the play by Marcel Pagnol and Paul Nivoix.
Direction: Roger Lion.
Visuals: Enzo Riccioni, Coutelain, François Franchi.
Description: Armand Bonamy.
Distribution: Films P.J. de Venloo.
First corporate screening: November 1932.
First public screening: beginning of 1933.
Running time: 1 h 13.


Antoine Arnaudy - Cassebois, manager
Jacques Maury - Kid Marc
Gustave Libeau - Golding
Nicole Ray - Clairette
Suzanne Rissler - Regina


Kid Marc, an honest boxer, is the victim of his corrupt manager, Cassebois, and of a "tart". His cousin Clairette manages, thanks to her unselfish love for him, to rescue him from this environment. He runs away with her.