"In 1940, as France was lapsing into collapse, Pagnol met up for the first time with his old companion Raimu on Marseille studio sets to shoot "LA FILLE DU PUISATIER" ("THE WELL DIGGER'S DAUGHTER"). The direction, first started on May 20th, 1940, was broken off by the flight of civilians and resumed on August 13th, 1940 with the same main performers, including Fernandel who was on leave at that time."
"Pagnol ou le cinéma en liberté" ("Pagnol, or Free Filmmaking"), by Claude Beylie.

La fille du puisatier ("The Well Digger's Daughter")

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Producer and distributor: Les Films Marcel Pagnol.
Script, dialogues and direction: Marcel Pagnol.
Visuals: Willy Faktorovitch.
Set: Cot, Marius Brouquier.
Studios: Marcel Pagnol, Marseille.
Location: Provence.
Editing: Jeannette Ginestet.
Music: Vincent Scotto.
First public screening: Lyon (Pathé-Palace), December 1940.
Running time: 2h20.


Raimu - Pascal Amoretti, le puisatier
Josette Day - Patricia, sa fille aînée
Fernandel - Félipe Rambert
Fernand Charpin - M. Mazel
Line Noro - Marie, sa femme
Georges Grey - Jacques, leur fils
Milly Mathis - Nathalie
Clairette - Amanda
Félicien Tramel - Maxime Exbrayard, le garçon de café
Maupi - Le commis
Charles Blavette - Le teinturier


At the time of the declaration of war, Patricia, a humble young lady, sees Jacques Mazel, a fighter pilot, leave for war without telling him that she is pregnant. Blamed by her father, a well digger, and rejected by the Mazel family of wealthy shopkeepers, she gives birth at an aunt's. But when Jacques is reported missing, all grand-parents gather around the cradle and listen together to the Head of State announcing that France has surrendered.