La Terreur des dames

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French comedy by Jean Boyer (1956)
Running time: 1h33.
Script written by René Barjavel, Raymond Castans, after a short story by Guy de Maupassant.
Music by René Sylviano.
Produced by Frédéric Heldt and Jean Martinetti
Producer: Compagnie Méditerranéenne de Films / Eminente.
Head set designer: Robert Giordani.
Still photography: Charles Suin.
Editing by Christian Gaudin.


Noël Noël - Aimé Morin
Jacqueline Gauthier - Henriette
Suzette Maïs - Mme Genlis
Noël Roquevert - Bonnel
Jacqueline Pagnol - Louisette
Yves Robert - Labarge
Jean Poiret - Un gendarme
Michel Serrault - Un gendarme


A brave and honest bookseller in province and running for municipal election is the victim of a conspiracy, as soon as he arrives in Paris, set up by a journalist in league with his opponents. He goes through numerous misadventures during his journey in Paris.