L'Article 330

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Producer: Les Auteurs Associés.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, after the play by Georges Courteline.
Direction: Marcel Pagnol.
Studios: Billancourt (shoot: January 1934, a few days).
Editing: André Robert.
First public screening: Paris (Impérial), February 1934 (supplementary to "Léopold le Bien-Aimé" by Jean Sarment and Arno Charles Brun).
Running time: 40 minutes.


Robert Le Vigan - Jean
Jean d'Yd - Le président du Tribunal
Henri Darbrey - Le substitut
André Robert - L'huissier


"L'Article 330 is neither the 1900 World's Fair nor a gentleman showing his bottom at the window; it is the translation into legal language of this ridiculous incident; and it is, under cover of such incident, a brilliant charge at the law."
(Cahiers du film, March 1934)