Le Gendre de monsieur Poirier ("Mr. Poirier"s Son-in-Law")

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Producer: Les Auteurs Associés.
Production Manager: René Pagnol.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol (after the play by Emile Augier and Jules Sandeau).
Direction: Marcel Pagnol.
Visuals: Willy Faktorovitch.
Set: Jean Bijon.
Sound: Joseph de Bretagne.
Editing: Suzanne de Troye.
Music: Vincent Scotto.
Portrait and still cameraman: Roger Corbeau.
First public screening: January 1934.
Running time: 90 minutes.


Léon Bernard - Monsieur Poirier
Annie Ducaux - Antoinette
Jean Debucourt - le marquis Gaston de Presles
Fernand Charpin - Verdelet
Maurice Escande - Hector de Montmeyran


Under the Restoration, Monsieur Poirier, a conceited and naïve middle-class man, has his daughter married to an idle and debauched nobleman who takes advantage of his father-in-law's gullibility.