Le Premier Amour ("First Love")

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In prehistoric times, on spring celebration day, two young people meet and fall in love with each other, to the exclusion of all others. They claim their right to monogamy, against the tribe's rules, and are banished. They wander from cave to cave, fighting wild animals by themselves. A hermit teaches them the power of plants and the mystery of impregnation. Later, a child is born but they are soon threatened with drought. Eventually, the saving rain comes back and brings nature back to life, saving this first love.

After a screen play by Marcel Pagnol, unachieved film draft although a shoot was started on several occasions. Planned for 1946 starring Luis Mariano, Louis Jouvet and Charles Dullin. Then for 1947 starring Pierre Fresnay, Charles Moulin and Jacqueline Bouvier; and also planned for shooting in Canada on the same year, without Fresnay but with Alain Cuny and Gérard Philippe. Finally, last try in 1969, also unfinished, by William Wyler.