Les Lettres de mon moulin ("Letters From My Windmill"): Le Curé de Cucugnan ("The Priest of Cucugnan")

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Producer: Compagnie Méditerranéenne de Films.
Script, dialogues and direction: Marcel Pagnol, (after the book by Alphonse Daudet).
Visuals: Robert Schneider.
Sound engineer: N. Gernolle.
Editing: V. Grizellin.
First TV broadcast: ORTF (first TV channel) December 25th, 1968.
Running time: 45 minutes.


Fernand Sardou - Le curé
Jean Panisse - Le meunier
Roger Cruzet - A. Daudet


On the occasion of his sermon, the priest of Cucugnan relates the extraordinary dream which led him from Heaven to Hell, in search of his parishioners...

Marcel Pagnol, who meets up again here with his master Alphonse Daudet, intended to shoot a series of "LETTERS". He started with "LES TROIS MESSES BASSES" ("THE THREE LOW MASSES"), "L'ELIXIR DU PERE GAUCHER" ("THE ELIXIR OF FATHER GAUCHER") and "LE SECRET DE MAÎTRE CORNILLE" ("THE SECRET OF MASTER CORNILLE"), in 1954. Those are the most provençal letters of the series. Only in 1967 did he direct "LE CURÉ DE CUCUGNAN" ("THE PRIEST OF CUCUGNAN") for television screening, which ended his film adaptation of the "LETTERS".