"On the shoot, we would all live together, like some sort of community, we would settle things clear in a very informal, very simple manner. Nobody ever believed one was a genius, neither the actors, nor myself nor the grips. We did this to have fun and to entertain other people."
Marcel Pagnol


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Producer: Paramount.
Production Manager: Robert T. Kane.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, after his own play.
Direction: Alexander Korda.
First supervisor: Marcel Pagnol.
Visuals: Ted Pahle.
Set: Alfred Junge, assisted by Zoltan Korda.
Studio: Joinville.
Location: Marseille (Vieux Port).
Music: Francis Gromon.
Editing: Roger Spiri Mercanton.
Distribution: Paramount.
First public screening: Paris (Paramount theatre), October 1931.
Running time: 2 h.


Raimu - César Olivier, patron du bar de la Marine
Pierre Fresnay - Marius, son fils
Orane Demazis - Fanny, marchande de coquillages
Alida Rouffe - Honorine Cabanis, poissonnière
Fernand Charpin - Honoré Panisse, maître voilier
Paul Dullac - Félix Escartefigue, capitaine du ferry
Edouard Delmont - le second de
Maupi - Innocent Mangiapan, chauffeur du ferry
Robert Vattier - Aldebert Brun, vérificateur des douanes
Alexandre Mihalesco - Piquoiseau, un mendiant
Giovanni - Le marchand de tapis
Lucien Gallamand - Le Goëlec
Valentine Ribe - La cliente
Quéret - Félicité
Gustave Huberdeau - ...


Marseille – Bar de la Marine – Marius is a young man elated by the sea. He loves his father César, a surly and good-natured man; he also loves little Fanny who sells shells in front of César's bar. Since childhood, he has been kindled by a desire to travel the world. He struggles against his frenzy. He does not want to leave his father who might die of sorrow, nor little Fanny who is madly in love with him. Yet, the sea is there...