Tartarin de Tarascon

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Producer: Pathé Natan.
Production manager: Maurice Gleize.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, after the novel by Alphonse Daudet.
Adaptation and direction: Raymond Bernard.
Visuals: Jules Kruger, Robert Lefebvre.
Set: Jean Perrier, Lucien Carré.
Sound: Antoine Archimbaud.
Music: Darius Milhaud.
Studio: Joinville.
Locations: Bou-Saada (Algeria), Tarascon and surroundings.
First public screening: Paris (Marivaux), November 1934.
Running time: 95 minutes.


Raimu - Tartarin
Fernand Charpin - Commandant Bravida
Saint-Granier - Le prince Grégory
Sinoël - Bézuquet, le pharmacien
Blanche Poupon - Sa femme
Jean d'Yd - Le président Ladevèze
Maximilienne - Sa femme
Paul Ollivier - Costecalde, l'armateur
Milly Mathis - Annette
Auguste Mouries - Barbassou
Maupi - Tastevin
Jenny Hélia - La princesse Baïa
Max Andrès - Le coiffeur
Geno Kerny - Le client du coiffeur
Louis Kerly - Castel
Maurice de Canonge - Le commissaire priseur
Charblay - Le garde champêtre
Henri Vilbert - Le facteur
Odette Roger - Une ménagère
Madeleine Robinson - Une cliente au casino
Charles Camus - ...
Léo Courtois - ...
Henriette Leblond - ...
Oléo - ...
Irma Perrot - ...
Fignolita - ...
Léo Mouriès - ...
Mme Andrès - ...


A boastful and mythomaniac Southerner and decent middle-class man from Tarascon, Tartarin goes big-game hunting in Africa in order to silence the rumor mill and, even though no particularly successful action has come out of it, he returns back home as a triumphant victor.

A remake of this film was shot in 1962 by Francis Blanche.