Fanny was a tremendous success. But such success was not to please everyone. A very violent campaign raged against Pagnol, led by numerous critics and directors who looked back nostalgically to the time of silent films...
(Cinémathèque Suisse 81).

"Cinema in itself existed before talking films. Not in Pagnol's eyes. Speech is as vital to him as color was to Michelangelo."
Jean Renoir.


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Producer: Films Marcel Pagnol.
Production Manager: Roger Richebé.
Administrative management: Roland Tual and Dominique Drouin.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, after his own play.
Direction: Marc Allégret.
Assistants: Yves Allégret, Pierre Prévert and Eli Lotar.
Visuals: Nicolas Toporkoff, André Dantan, Roger Hubert, Georges Benoît and Coutelain.
Portrait and still cameraman: Roger Forster.
Continuity girl: Françoise Giroud.
Set: Gabriel Scognamillo.
Studio: Billancourt.
Location: Marseille.
Shoot: June 15th – July 1932.
Sound: William Bell.
Music: Vincent Scotto (arrangements by Georges Sellers).
Editing: Jean Mamy.
Distribution: Films Marcel Pagnol.
First public screening: Paris (Marigny), October 1932.
Running time: 2 h.


Raimu - César
Pierre Fresnay - Marius
Fernand Charpin - Panisse
Orane Demazis - Fanny
Alida Rouffe - Honorine
Robert Vattier - M. Brun
Auguste Mouries - Escartefigue
Milly Mathis - Tante Claudine Foulon
Maupi - Le chauffeur
Edouard Delmont - le docteur Félicien Venelle
Giovanni - ...
Odette Roger - ...
Annie Toinon - ...
André Gide - ...
Pierre Prévert - ...


Marius has gone on "La Malaisie", leaving old César, his father, and Fanny, his fiancee who is pregnant with their child.
Panisse, a decent man, marries Fanny and adopts little Césariot whom he loves like a son.
But one day, Marius comes back...