"TOPAZE", first created as a drama play in 1928, was a tremendous success. This film version is the first one, produced by Paramount. The film was shot at the same time as "MARIUS" and directed by Louis Gasnier, who had been trained in the United States. The text was simplified, the play "sorted out" for screening by Léopold Marchand, a friend of Marcel Pagnol. Later, the latter himself directed two other versions: one in 1936, starring Arnaudy, and the other in 1950, starring Fernandel. In his first role on screen, Jouvet here portrays a very complex character.

Topaze (1st version)

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Producer: Paramount.
Script and dialogues: Léopold Marchand after Marcel Pagnol's play.
Direction: Louis Gasnier.
Visuals: Fred Langerfeld.
Settings: René Renoux.
First public screening: Paris, January 1933.
Running time: 1 h 25.


Louis Jouvet - Topaze
Marcel Vallée - Monsieur Muche
Simone Héliard - Ernestine, sa fille
Pierre Larquey - Tamise
Pauley - Régis
Edwige Feuillère - Suzy
Maurice Rémy - Roger de Tréville
Jeanne Loury - Comtesse Pitart Vergnolles


An over-scrupulous schoolmaster, harassed by his headmaster, shall betray his moral principles for a happy and profit-making career in corrupt practices and blackmail.