"Fernandel knows the extent to which he can go too far."
Jean Cocteau.

Topaze (3rd version)

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Producer: Les Films Marcel Pagnol.
Production manager: Jo Martinetti.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, after his own play.
Direction: Marcel Pagnol.
Visuals: Philippe Agostini.
Settings: Hugues Laurent.
Editing: Monique Lacombe.
Music: Raymond Legrand.
First public screening: Monte-Carlo, January 1951.
Running time: 2h15.


Fernandel - Topaze
Marcel Vallée - M. Muche
Jacqueline Pagnol - Ernestine
Pierre Larquey - Tamise
Hélène Perdrière - Susy Courtois
Jacques Morel - Régis Castel Vernac
Jacques Castelot - Roger Gaétan de Bersac
Milly Mathis - Comtesse Pitart Vergniolles


Topaze, a schoolmaster in Muche boarding school, a pathetic tutor unable to cheat over the marks of wealthy dunces, is dismissed. Reduced to unemployment, he works as the visiting teacher of the nephew of a demimondaine, Suzy Courtois... He later awakens to the conceited nature of his educational mission and turns into a cynical scoundrel...