Following "Don Camillo"'s tremendous success, Fernandel meets up again for the last time with his partner Marcel Pagnol to shoot a slapstick comedy adapted from the play by Emile Mazaud. This wonderful story of a cuckold is a "tall story" having to do with human feelings, magnified by southern loquaciousness. Such comedy, directed by Henri Verneuil, shocked some viewers when first shown on screen in 1953. Yet, Fernandel is here at his best: "a great actor who leaves nothing in the dark and plays with his face as a master violinist". Saturnin Fabre, as a Molieresque psychoanalyst, plays opposite him and legendary Pauline Carton is not outdone either.


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Producer: Société Nouvelle des Films Marcel Pagnol.
Script and dialogues: Marcel Pagnol, after the play by Emile Mazaud, "Dardamelle".
Direction: Henri Verneuil.
Visuals: André Germain.
Set: Robert Giordani.
Editing: Raymonde and Jacques Bianchi.
Music: Raymond Legrand.
First public screening: Monte Carlo, May 1953.
Running time: 1h30.


Fernandel - Dardamelle
Jacqueline Pagnol - Francine, sa femme
Mireille Perrey - Sa cousine
Saturnin Fabre - Le psychanaliste
Pauline Carton - Toinette, la bonne
Renée S. Passeur - La baronne
Antoine Arnaudy - Le curé
Charles Blavette - Lambrequin
Arius - Le maire
Manuel Gary - L'amant


A renowned architect but a deceived husband, Dardamelle proclaims everywhere his misfortune much to the bemusement of his wife and her lover.