International Pagnol

"You reach the universal dimension by staying at home."Marcel Pagnol

TOPAZE was first created in Berlin before being recreated in Paris. The play was staged in the same breath in Italy and in Copenhagen, Belgrade, Prague, Amsterdam, Budapest, Odessa, Moscow and Zagreb.

A few years later, MARIUS was performed in Italy by young Vittorio De Sica.

More recently, English-speaking producers undertook to adapt Marcel Pagnol's works into musicals, as it was the case for FANNY, later transferred to the screen, and LA FEMME DU BOULANGER (THE BAKER’S WIFE). Lately, an important project related to JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON DES SOURCES (MANON OF THE SPRING).

In the past few years, LA TRILOGIE (THE TRILOGY) was performed in Japan and Israel, adapted into Finnish and Dutch languages, not to mention others works.

But Marcel Pagnol lived one of his greatest emotional moments as he received some pictures taken during performance of his work in Germany during wartime, in a French prison camp. Of course, all parts were played by men.

Marcel Pagnol's books were translated into at least about thirty languages.

In all Western Europe countries, readers were fond of those books, as were English and German readers.

Further away from us, in the USA, the author of SOUVENIRS D’ENFANCE (MEMORIES OF CHILDHOOD) was compared to Mark Twain.

Lately, Marcel Pagnol was discovered in Asia. His works were translated in Chinese, Japanese, Bengali, Vietnamese...

He is warmly welcomed in Latin America, where his works are read in Portuguese or Spanish language, as well as in the Arab world.

Furthermore, excerpts from his works regularly appear in French language teacher books used in foreign schools.

As regards his films, numerous adaptations of LA TRILOGIE (THE TRILOGY) have been written for foreign screens.

MARIUS was shot in 1931, at the same time in German (ZUM GOLDENER ANKER), Swedish (LÄNGTEN TILL HAVET) and French, all three versions directed by Alexander Korda.

FANNY was made in Italy in 1933. In 1934, it was shot in Germany as DER SCHWARZE WALFISH, starring Emil Jennings. Then, in 1938 in the USA, Wallace Beery played the part of César in PORT OF THE SEVEN SEAS, an adaptation mingling MARIUS and FANNY drama plays. Lastly, Joshua Logan directed FANNY in 1961, starring Maurice Chevalier as Panisse, Charles Boyer as César, Leslie Caron as Fanny and Hortz Bucholz as Marius.

TOPAZE was repeatedly transferred to the screen. In 1933, David O. Selznik produced a version starring John Barrymore. The same year, TOPAZE became YACOUT EFFENDI in Egypt and, in 1939, HUAXIN in China and M. TOPAZE by and with Peter Sellers in 1961.

Very recently, in 1992, BRIKFENC, adapted from “PIROUETTES”, was transferred on the screen in Hungary. But the transfer on screen (on TV or in movie theatres) of Marcel Pagnol’s works is almost constantly subjected to negotiations. Particularly as regards LA FEMME DU BOULANGER (THE BAKER’S WIFE) (Marylin Monroe’s potential participation was brought up at some point) and MANON DES SOURCES (MANON OF THE SPRING).

As to original films by Marcel Pagnol, they are regularly shown, including in the United States of America as part of university educational programs and in the form of tapes.