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Biography Pagnol

The Biography of Pagnol : the life of an outstanding French novelist

Biography Pagnol

The biography of Pagnol is rich of accomplishments, awards and passionate stories.

Marcel Pagnol was a precocious writer. Becoming an English teacher, he devoted himself primarily to writing plays, such as “Merchants of Glory”.

The success came at the same period (1925 - 1927) with a trilogy which began with Marius (filmed in 1931) and then with Fanny (filmed in 1933) and ended with Caesar (filmed in 1936).

Marcel Pagnol operated Provencal exoticism to contribute to the success of his plays and films. The bibliography and the biography of Pagnol bear the stamp of such a devotion to his roots.

Renowned author, he received all the honors during his lifetime: money and fame. The biography of Pagnol ends on April 18, 1974, but some of his works were adapted to cinema after his death. Marcel Pagnol remains best known today for his films and for his famous series "Childhood memories".

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