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Marius Pagnol

Marius Pagnol : The beginning of a deeply moving saga

Marius Pagnol

Marius by Pagnol is a play in four acts represented for the first time on March 9, 1929 on the stage of the "Theatre de Paris". It is the first part of the playwright’s "Fanny trilogy".

The play tells the story of Marius, Caesar’s son, who is torn between his love for Fanny and his desire to take to the sea, and to go round the world.

The year of its representation on stage in Paris, Marius by Pagnol became as famous as Moliere’s best plays.

The movie inspired from Marius is an Alexander Korda’s film released in 1931. The director wanted to have another role distribution but Pagnol was keen to keep the original actors of the original play.

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