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My father's glory

My father's glory : the first volume of the series "Memories of childhood"

My father s glory

Published in 1957, My father’s glory is the first opus in the collection of novels named « Memories of childhood».

The book recounts the holidays of Marcel and his family in the south of France, where hunting parties are organized by the neighborhood. Marcel's father, a novice in this field, must attend one of these parties. But Marcel, because of all the love he has for his father, wants to avoid a humiliation which seems very likely. He therefore decides to secretly accompany the hunters. While he’s trying to get some game for his father, the latter performed a miraculous shot killing two partridges in one fell swoop.

This victory is celebrated by the entire village. The child, proud of this father he loves too much, brandishes the trophy high in the sky thinking: this is My father’s glory.

In 1990, My Father’s glory is adopted by the movie theater. The film is directed by Yves Robert.

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