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The baker's wife

The baker's wife : a masterpiece by Pagnol

The baker s wife

One of Marcel Pagnol’s greatest successes as a filmmaker, The baker’s wife, was written by Jean Giono and adapted to cinema in 1938.

The main characters of the baker’s wife, a middle-aged man named Aimable and his young wife Aurélie, were respectively played by Raimu and Ginette Leclerc.

The couple is running the local baker’s shop. One night, Aurélie runs away with a young shepherd leaving her husband brokenhearted. Aimable makes no longer bread and the villagers try to find the baker’s wife, forgetting for a good while their own disputes.

The baker’s wife is widely considered to be Marcel Pagnol’s best film. It was screened for about a year in New York.

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