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Marcel arrived in Paris in the days following the First World Ward. He was appointed as a tutor in the renowned Condorcet high school. He first lived on boulevard Murat, where his neighbor was young André Malraux, at the time busy writing "La Condition Humaine" ("Man's Fate") while Marcel, next door, was finishing "Marius" and "Topaze".

After creating both those plays, he was the darling writer of Paris and became friends with Marcel Achard, Jean Cocteau, Louis Jouvet and Antoine.

He then created his own film production company, with Roger Richebé's support, and kept coming and going to and from Marseille and Paris.

Once France was freed from German occupation, he was appointed as Chairman of the Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs Dramatiques (SACD – Society of Dramatic Authors and Composers) and took to heart to stand up for his fellow authors.

After his stay in Monaco, he moved back to the capital city, where he remained permanently.
He became a very active member of the Académie Française, regularly and earnestly attending the weekly meetings.
He first lived on rue Jean Goujon, then purchased a town house on Avenue Foch square where he passed away in 1974.