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We would start shooting when Pagnol felt like starting or when all bowls games had been satisfactorily settled. And we worked all the same.Pierre FresnayActor

Angèle was shot in excellent technical circumstances. The only problems we had to face were due to natural settings. The film was entirely shot in natural settings. We respected all atmospheres. On shoots with Pagnol, never did I see a scene being started over again because of sound problems. He would create the scene beforehand. He would create the atmosphere. He would give confidence to each one of us.Jean LecocqSound engineer

It is almost noon. Cicadas are crackling in the dry air. We start looking forward to pastis time. This is how people make films in Provence. You need to know all this to understand what gives life to Pagnol's films. Not only does the genuineness of his films ring true, but so does this very fellow feeling, this communion.Pierre LeprohonJournalist, on the shoot of Manon des Sources ("Manon of the Spring")

I like people from Marseille a lot, but César and Panisse are not exactly prototype men from Marseille. He turned them into "types", which is after all the very purpose of all great writers: to take a character and turn it into a type.Jean DutourdFrom the Académie Française, writer

Pagnol would spend hours in the sound truck. He was mainly interested in hearing the text uttered during the shoot, listening to see if the actors were speaking true, feeling the impact of a cue. So, I was on set and would say: "Action! Cut!" And, as soon as the shot was done, he would come out of the truck to correct the actors' performing.Suzanne de TroyeMarcel Pagnol and Jean Renoir's film editor.

One day, I saw La femme du boulanger ("The Baker's Wife)... It was a shock. This movie is as powerful as a film by Capra, John Ford and Truffaut altogether. Pagnol must have been an outstanding man.Steven SpielbergFilm director

He would never forbid anything to actors. At lunch time, we would discuss the next scene to be shot, he would say: "This happens there", and that was it. The scene had been written for you, and you just had to let yourself go.Robert VattierActor

As an exceptional author and filmmaker, he has made films designed to bring us pleasure and happiness.Jean-Charles TacchellaFilm director

I am convinced that basically Marseille knows very well what Marcel Pagnol did for it. He depicted the typical man from Marseille as heroic, magnificent and wonderful.Jean DutourdFrom the Académie Française, writer.

I am listening to you, Marcel, go on. I know that you're lying, but I love it.Alida RouffeActress

We would go out of school together, holding hands, and he would walk me home and I would walk him home, and we would talk endlessly, laugh and love each other, and one day I blessed him in the Jewish manner; a solemn Jewish child blessing his Christian brother.Albert CohenWriter

Whatever you do, never work with a view to achieving the masterpiece: this is the best road to failure... Your misfortune is that you are too much of a scholar... When you feel like writing, do write: the readers will tell you what you are worth...Vincent Scotto à Marcel PagnolComposer of his film soundtracks and of hundreds of successful songs in interwar years.

The most striking thing in Pagnol is not his voice, marvelous but too easy to mimic, but the look in his eyes. It is double: one eye is always shining roguishly, the other is rather sad. Yet, the one that shines is unsure while the one that is sad is bright with strength. Delightful. All in all, he does not look like a Parisian at all. He looks like a roman senator who has read Dickens.Bernard de FalloisPostface to "Le temps des amours" ("The Time of Love")

Shooting with Marcel is to no longer know where to find a borderline between work and pleasure... He has a sense of dialogue even in real life and, when the day comes to an end, you no longer really distinguish the cues that have been recorded from those he has created to enrich our moments of rest.FernandelActor

Our childhood sticks with us forever. Marcel seems to have never left his behind. He kept until the last days of his life such boldness, such powers of enthusiasm and wonder that are qualities of youth and that most men lose as they grow up.Jacques Bens, writer.Pagnol. Jacques Bens © Editions du Seuil, 1994

He has just turned sixty and looks like he is barely forty years old. He is a medium-sized man, rather strong, glowing with health, true health, that which naturally exists without exercise. Sometimes, on Thursdays, he will put his green outfit on and grab his cocked hat, but most of the time he does not even have a tie on and wears a sailor or bowls player's sweater.Bernard de FalloisPostface to "Le temps des amours" ("The Time of Love")

The text, outwardly so easy and smooth, is actually so rigorously, soundly and logically written that you learn it almost automatically and that nothing more is to be added.Robert VattierActor

Pagnol is powerfully French, powerfully from Provence, powerfully Mediterranean, and that was the very distinctiveness of what he could bring to others. You are universal for what you bring to others. With talent or genius; well, he had both.Maurice DruonFrom the Académie Française, writer

On the whole, the shoot of Manon was very difficult. It took place during summer 1952. The weather was scorching hot and in the village where we played water was cut off for weeks, exactly like in the movie. Cars could not be driven there and everyday we had to walk several miles... Apart from that, the atmosphere was fantastic.Jacqueline PagnolMarcel Pagnol's wife

Marcel Pagnol lived in the 20th century. He could equally have lived in the 17th century or in antiquity, that would not in any way have detracted from his genius...Jean DutourdFrom the Académie Française, writer