Les passions

"He was eager to know and learn as all scientists are. He was interested in scientific breakthrough, in the manner of a poet. Not as a science man... Physics discoveries are highly poetic. Marcel Pagnol was touched and appealed by one word: antimatter. In the sixties, antimatter particles had been identified and people were talking a lot about it. Antimatter was for him something that he would compare to Antichrist. He saw some sort of fiendish or extraordinary symbol in the word antimatter" Louis Leprince-Ringuet.

"La Topazette", a car invented by Marcel Pagnol, had a rather short lifetime as it hardly went further the door of the studios in Marseille. However, Marcel, also a cup-and-ball champion when the fancy took him, would never dishearten and also created water pumps and all sorts of devices for which he would build scale models and prototypes in the workshop each one of his dwellings was equipped with.