Prix Marcel Pagnol

The Marcel Pagnol Prize was born, like Marcel Pagnol, in Aubagne in Provence on the occasion of "Terres d'enfance" ("Land of Childhood") book fair in 2000. Each year the prize rewards a book in relation to childhood memories.

The award ceremony takes place in June in the premises of its sponsor Fouquet's hotel, with the financial support of Neuflize OBC bank. The Marcel Pagnol Prize was created and organized by Floryse Grimaud-Conseil, Édition, Communication.

The jury, chaired by Jacqueline Pagnol and Daniel Picouly, includes Claude Pujade-Renaud, Catherine Enjolet, Patricia Martin, Karin Hann, Dominique Gulou, Carole Tournay, Philippe Claudel and Floryse Grimaud. Award winners have been: Philippe Claudel for "Quelques-uns des cent regrets" (ed. Balland), Dominique Fabre for "Fantômes" (éditions Le serpent à plumes), Azouz Begag for "Le marteau pique-cœur" (éditions du Seuil), Pierre Pelot for "Méchamment dimanche" (éditions Héloïse d'Ormesson) and Guy Gofette for "Une enfance lingère" (éditions Gallimard).

Award Winners