"Here I am, writing in prose for the first time... By my writing style only I want to reveal myself entirely, and if I am not true...then I have frittered my time away wasting paper." Marcel Pagnol

This section contains all prose texts written by Marcel Pagnol, except for those included in "Essayist" chapter. Therefore, priority is given here to his novels as well as a few short stories and "Marcel Pagnol's Sermons", kindly extracted from his work and compiled by Reverend Father Norbert Calmels.

La Petite Fille aux yeux sombres ("The Little Girl With The Dark Eyes"), novel. Fortunio, 1921. Julliard, 1984, followed by Les Secrets de Dieu, short story. Preface by Marcel Pagnol.

Pirouettes, novel. Fasquelle, 1932. First version released in Fortunio under the title "Le Mariage de Peluque".

La Gloire de mon père ("My Father's Glory"), ("Souvenirs d'enfance", I) ("Memories of Childhood", I). Monte-Carlo, Pastorelly, 1957.

Le Château de ma mère ("My Mother's Castle"), ("Souvenirs d'enfance", II) ("Memories of Childhood", II). Monte-Carlo, Pastorelly, 1957.

Le Temps des secrets ("The Time of Secrets"), ("Souvenirs d'enfance", III) ("Memories of Childhood", III). Monte-Carlo, Pastorelly, 1959.

Jean de Florette, First part of "L'EAU DES COLLINES" ("THE WATER OF THE HILLS").

Manon des sources ("Manon of The Spring"), novel. Monte-Carlo, Pastorelly, 1962. Paris Éditions de Provence, 1963.

L'Infâme Truc et autres nouvelles., Julliard, 1984.

Les Sermons de Marcel Pagnol ("Marcel Pagnol's Sermons"), compiled by R.P. Norbert Calmels, Robert Morel, 1968.

Le Temps de Amours ("The Time of Love"), ("Souvenirs d'Enfance", IV). Julliard, 1977. Postface de Bernard de Fallois.